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Mastercard Connect Sign Up Guide

Follow the instructions below to create your Mastercard Connect user account in order to gain access to Market Trends.

Step 1: Sign Up - Your Account

A screenshot showing the MC Connect new user sign up form


  1. Create a User ID. Your User ID must meet the following requirements:
    1. Begins with a letter
    2. 6 to 30 characters in length
    3. A-Z, a-z, _, @, and - can be used

    4. No spaces or commas can be used

  2. Create and verify your password. Your password must meet the following requirements:

    1. Minimum of one alphabetic character

    2. Minimum of one non-alphabetic character (0-9, !, @, $, etc.)

    3. Maximum of 2 repeated characters

    4. Minimum length of 8 characters

    5. Password cannot match the User ID

  3. Select 2 Security Questions and Answers



Step 2: Sign Up - About You

A screenshot showing the About You form of Mastercard Connect Sign Up


  1. Enter First and Last Name
  2. Enter your Business Email. This email will be used to send notifications to you.
  3. Enter your Business Phone Number.
  4. The Comments section is optional and can be used to send a message to your organization's Security Administrator.
  5. You must agree to the Terms of Use and the Global Privacy Policy to create your Mastercard Connect account.


Step 3: Sign Up - About Your Company

A screenshot showing the About Your Company form of the Mastercard Connect New User Sign Up


  1. Select the business classification that best describes your company.
  2. Enter the ICA number assigned to you by Mastercard, if applicable. An ICA is a 3 to 8 digit identifier.
  3. Enter your Company Name or the 6 digit Customer ID (CID) assigned to you by Mastercard.
  4. Select Complete.


Once your Mastercard Connect account has been created, follow the instructions here to request access to Market Trends within the Mastercard Connect store.


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