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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two steps for Trends access: access to Mastercard Connect and then requesting access to the Trends application within the Trends store.

  1. Mastercard Connect Access: If you do not already have a Mastercard Connect account, please follow the directions here to create an account.
  2. Trends Access: Once you have access to Mastercard Connect, please follow the directions here to request access to the Trends application in the Mastercard Connect store.

Market Trends is currently available in the EU market.


Data is provided leveraging Mastercard teams at local level. No Issuer specific data will be shown and no Mastercard transaction data is used.

All data reported in the Market Assessment tool are provided by RBR as a result of a partnership. 

  • Digital Payment Experiences, Industry Insights and Consumer Research content will be added on a regular basis

  • Card Comparison data is refreshed every quarter 

  • Market Assessment data is refreshed every October with the previous year’s data

Still need help?


Please send an email to Market Trends Support and a member of our support staff will contact you shortly.


By sending an email you are requesting that Mastercard contact you at the email address provided. Your personal data may be processed in accordance with Mastercard's Privacy Notice and Terms of Use.